Om Ektank AB

EKTANK AB- a successful Swedish shipping company, which transports dirty-, clean- and chemical products.

Safety & Quality

Ensuring quality of service to our customers and safety on board our ships is fundamental in our aim to ascertain highest performance. Our quality policy includes flexible solutions, immediate responses, attentiveness to our customers’ needs and timely deliveries. We always maintain a high level of safety and carry out all operations with both international requirements as the clients’ approval.

Ektank AB is committed to run a business in a safe and qualified manner and work continuously to enhance working conditions for all employees onboard and ashore. Those strives have resulted in a rewarding career system with a high return rate. Our high safety and quality ambitions have resulted in an excellent record of no Lost Tine Injuries for the crew. A no-blame culture is strongly encouraged as one of the means to avoid repeating mistakes and to encourage safety culture.


In many respects our work on protecting the environment from pollution is based on the comprehensive regulations that govern the tanker shipping. Commitment to environmental standards is based on awareness, understanding and involvement. Ektank AB strives to improve environmental awareness by communication and education.

The company takes a wide range of measures to reduce air emissions and energy consumption from its operations. Overall the vessels are of high standard and well maintained to minimize impact on the environment. Our goal is to perform our transport activities in an environmental friendly way with zero incidents and zero oil spills into the sea.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with full service operations and establishing long-term partnerships and relations. Safe and timely deliveries are high priorities. We run an integrated organization with in-house control and management of the vessels, thereby securing the quality and safety of the vessels and crew.

A genuine family owned company

As a genuine family owned company with short lines of communication internally and to our customers we can offer flexible solutions and immediate responses. We are a learning organization, which continuously seeks out improvements in quality, safety, efficiency, environmental sustainability and working conditions for employees onboard and ashore.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the first choice for our customers offering tailor-made transportation services conducted by qualified staff. We aim to be named as a reliable and proficient shipping company that has the ability to serve our customers with safe, flexible, environmental sustainable and cost efficient transports. Our goal is to be a step ahead on the market with highest standard of technical and efficient vessels, experienced and skilled crew supported by a competent management.

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