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We take your idea from the concept stage to finished product or system.

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We think that it is exciting to look into the future and develop the technical solutions of tomorrow everyday. With great competence and quality, we offer our customers special competence in electronics, electro-mechanics as well as technical and administrative software development. Our vision is to always be experts in these areas. We work for several of the most technically intensive companies around the world and in a variety of markets, such as telecom, defence, industrial, medtech and automotive where the requirements on security, availability, stability, performance and system integration know-how are extremely high.

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Officiell information

Juridiskt namnSyntronic Aktiebolag
Datum för upprättande02.11.1984
Omsättn.intervall100000 - 499999
F-skattJa, registrerad för F-skatt
Registrerad för momsJa
SNI-bransch62020 Datakonsultverksamhet, 71129 Övrig teknisk konsultverksamhet

Exekutiva befattningar/Administration

Björn Lennart Christer JanssonOrdförande
Björn Lennart Christer JanssonVerkställande direktör
Per Erik HögblomLedamot
Monica Elisabeth JanssonLedamot
Björn Lennart Christer JanssonLedamot
Jan Thomas HolmgrenHuvudansvarig revisor