SMQ is a company supporting international institutions and private companies especially in industrial aspects in measurements (Metrology) and the connection between Metrology and Quality.

SMQ is offering bilateral intercomparison services in different areas using a concept including:

- Calculation of the performance of the laboratory by En values

- Fast response by giving a preliminary report within a short time

- One day seminar about ILCs can be included

The program for a laboratory in any country could be:

- Day one arrival and handing over the object to the client and starting of measurements

- Day two measurements and issuing certificates by the laboratory

- Day three a half day seminar about ILC and handing over a preliminary report by SMQ

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Officiell information

Juridiskt namnSwedish Metrology And Quality AB
Datum för upprättande07.01.2008
Omsättn.intervall700 - 999 tkr
F-skattJa, registrerad för F-skatt
Registrerad för momsJa
SNI-bransch71129 Övrig teknisk konsultverksamhet

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Nils Håkan KällgrenLedamot
Inkeri Katarina ManfredssonSuppleant