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Together with our partners, we can help our customers with complete solutions for transports around the world, whether it is by road, air or sea.But it does not stop there. We also want to announce that we now expand our service with Fairs and Exhibitions, where we take care of all the transportation and logistics for our customers who is participating at an event so they can focus on the event while we take care of the rest.

During an express transport there is often a great deal of time pressure and as our customer you can always trust that we do our utmost to ensure that your goods are transported as quickly as possible. This is to minimize your headaches if something has gone wrong and a fast transport becomes of great importance.

Of course, we also provide standard solutions to and from Europe, all so that you as a customer can lean back and feel that Skarin Express takes care of all your transport needs. We are with you all the way.

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Juridiskt namnSkarin Express AB
Datum för upprättande08.11.2019
Omsättn.intervall20000 - 49999 tkr
F-skattJa, registrerad för F-skatt
Registrerad för momsJa
SNI-bransch52290 Övriga stödtjänster till transport

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Mattias SkarinVerkställande direktör
Mattias SkarinLedamot
Liza Olivia Jennie SkarinSuppleant
Zlatan MitrovicRevisor

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