Scandinavian CRO is a full service Contract Research Organisation offering both consultancy and specific, stand-alone services. If you want to hire a consultant, you can choose between various specialists, such as project managers, clinical research associates, administrators and research nurses.

Clinical Services

From regulatory services to medical writing.

At Scandinavian CRO, we have scientists and administrators with many years’ experience in phase I to IV clinical trials in a range of different areas, for example pharmaceuticals and other medical products, as well as biotechnology and ”Functional Food”. Our contacts range from global pharmaceutical companies to individual academic investigators and experts.

Investigator Sponsored Studies

Are you a doctor, i.e. an Investigator, who wants to start a clinical trial but needs some sort of help? We can provide a research nurse at your clinic, help with applications, and/or design the study according to your wishes. Whatever your needs, there are solutions.

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Juridiskt namnScandinavian Cro AB
Datum för upprättande13.03.2000
Omsättn.intervall20000 - 49999
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