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Based in Karlskrona, Sweden, The Michano Business Group invests in different technology and service initiatives around the world. Focus is always on the current situation the potential company is in. Rather than just looking at a specific industry - re thinking, audacity and global possibilities are key when the future involvements are initiated.


- Michano Business Center

As part of the business, Michano also provides working places for many small and mid-sized companies in Karlskrona. With two locations, one in the city center and one on the island of Verkö, right next to the ferry to Poland, Michano Business Center is well equipped to meet any need that might arise from companies at different stages in their business life.

- Studio Furillen

The unique construction, that almost seems to be floating over the ground, provides a sense of privacy as well as an amazing space for creativity. Studio Furillen is a place that with innovative architecture easily can be turned into whatever will fit your mood and needs. A studio where you can come to find new inspiration, give life to new innovations or just to relax for a while in award-winning environments.

- Landbron/Neptuni Torg

A classy yet available meeting place where experiences are at center stage – with food, interior decoration and music delivered in a setup that oozes engagement and low-key style.

- Kungshall

This beautiful old storehouse on Stumholmen in the southern Swedish archipelago is a part of the ”World Heritage”. Kungshall is a sleeping beauty for which there are great plans – the location, architecture and history demands something grand.


- World heritage

Michano has and always will be engaged in the combination of history and future, of tradition and innovation.

- Infrastructure

Always having Sweden’s southeast region’s best before his eyes, Michano and Mikael Blomquist is constantly both fighting and paving the way for better visit-, work and living environments in this corner of Sweden.


Entrepreneurial in both heart and mind, Michano has and will always pay extra attention to innovative and exiting new initiatives.

- Board member

Mikael Blomqvist has, in addition to taking an active part of the companies Michano invest in, held and still holds numerous board positions all over Sweden.


- Anocca

Biotech has in one way or another been around for thousands of years, yet is constantly driving cutting edge research and innovation – perhaps today more than ever. Anocca is a Swedish privately funded biotech company with a primary focus on developing technologies, diagnostics and therapeutic strategies for individualized management of oncological, autoimmune and inflammatory conditions through harnessing adaptive immunity. Mikael Blomqvist has been involved in Anocca since the start and is in addition to being a financial investor also chairman of the board.

- Compuverde

Compuverde today supports existing as well as future storage needs by providing a software-defined and horizontally aligned storage platform and is being used by telecom-, bank-, media- and surveillance companies all over the world. Global by demand, Swedish by design, Compuverde is history in the making by redefining an entire industry.

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