Om Xarepo AB

Xarepo is an independent software provider with more than 15 years of experience from designing highly available network communications software.

The company

Xarepo delivers professional services (technical strategy, solution architectures, software design, prototyping and implementation). We have developed a unique mix of real-time carrier grade products for the telecom and defense IP network environment including software components with open APIs and protocol interfaces. In addition we have delivered a range of customer specific services and developments.

The team

The team is experienced in a broad range of back-end and front-end technologies used in a broad range of applications. In the back-end Xarepo works with virtualization, containers, service orchestration, embedded/realtime platforms, algorithm development and various database technologies, both traditional SQL and modern big data NoSQL. In the front-end modern web technologies is the common ground, but the team is also experienced in native application development on various desktop and mobile platforms. The team is used to work with small projects and small customers where being autonomous and agile is key to success, but has also rich experience from being part of huge projects in areas such as telecom. Likewise the team is both used to developing new products from scratch, and contributing expertise to existing products.

Team core competence

Programming Languages: C, C++, Objective C, Python, PHP, Java, Assembler Virtualization/containers: Docker, Hyper-V Script languages: Javascript, Python, PHP, Perl Web Technologies: HTML5, JQuery, Bootstrap, D3, Node.js, Apache, NGinx Database technologies: MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB/2, MongoDB Security technologies: BankID, SAML, Shibboleth Mobile app development: Ionic framework, Ratchet Desktop app development: Linux/Windows/Mac OS X, XCode, QT

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