Om Samat Nordic AB / Samat International AB

Haanpaa Group provides total logistic solutions to your liquid transportation needs. We have daily traffic within the Scandinavian countries, Finland, the Baltic states, Russia and the rest of mainland Europe. If you need transportation further away in the world, we can provide it with our own fleet of Road Tankers and Intermodal containers or together with our international partners.

Haanpaa Group is the leading Liquid Chemicals Logistics company in the supply chain of the chemical producers and their customers in Northern Europe. The company is the leader in supply chain management and third-party (3PL) logistics services in the liquid chemicals area, with excellent references from the leading global and regional chemical companies.

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Juridiskt namnSamat Nordic AB
Datum för upprättande07.06.1973
Omsättn.intervall100000 - 499999
F-skattJa, registrerad för F-skatt
Registrerad för momsJa
SNI-bransch49410 Vägtransport, godstrafik

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Jens Erik Andreas ChristianssonOrdförande
Jens Erik Andreas ChristianssonVerkställande direktör
Alphonse LaffontLedamot
Florence Dupasquier-MeynardLedamot
Jens Erik Andreas ChristianssonLedamot
Jan Daniel ÅkeborgHuvudansvarig revisor