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Preference AB deliver solutions to companies and authorities to make better and more rational decisions, implement intelligent risk management.Our training solution.Learn to create good procedures to safely and quickly make informed and targeted decisionsWe offer Decision Tools for Analysis and Interpretation of Complex Decision Situations, state-of-the-art decision methodologies and mathematical analysis in a efficient and user friendly software.We also offer Risk management software.

Preference is an innovation company that takes innovations to business, R2B.

Preference AB is a spinoff from a research project "Decide" at Stockholm University that looks for solutions to support better decisions. It started when Daniel Kahneman won the Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 2002 for his research showing that we, humans, are not as good as we think at making rational decisions. The goal was, and still is, to develop processes and tools to support better decisions. At Preference, we take this research to practical application in business.

The result of our research is a patent "US Patent # 7257566" for the algorithms developed called Danielson-Ekenberg's Delta method.

- Handling of uncertain parameters

- No need for extract numerically precise data

- Basic estimates are often sufficient and if not, this is flagged

- Be able to handle Qualitative and Quantitative quantities in the same model

We offer Consultancy, Training and Software tools.

Our software tools:

- Helision a SaaS solution

- DecideIT a desktop application

- Preference Business Risk Library

- Delta calculation engine that could be embedded in any customer application or as a “white label” software.

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