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Updated: 2017-02-23


Within the Eniro Group (to be defined as Eniro AB, 556588-0936 and its subsidiaries) we process personal data for those customers and users who use our services and products. Eniro AB and its subsidiaries are jointly referred to below as "Eniro".

This is Eniro’s Privacy Policy, which has been produced for the purpose of clarifying Eniro’s position as regards privacy issues and the processing of personal data. We safeguard the privacy of our customers and users and comply with Swedish legislation which aims to protect individuals, including the Personal Data Act (SFS 1998:204), ”Act”, as well as EU Privacy law. Our objective is to maintain a high level of protection for personal privacy.

This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services, including but not limited to websites, tablets and mobile applications, which are provided by Eniro and Eniro’s affiliates. Certain services and products provided by Eniro may be subject to special terms and conditions concerning the processing of personal data, of which you will be notified when you use the service/product in question.

By using the Webbsite and Eniro’s other products and services you agree to this Privacy policy. Eniro may from time to time review and/or update this Privacy policy and, as such changes will not be announced otherwise, we recommend that you check the Integrity policy on a regular basis.

What is personal data?

All information that directly or indirectly may be referable to a natural person who is alive is to be deemed personal data for the purposes of the Act. The following will therefore be deemed personal data: e.g. names, addresses, telephone numbers, IP addresses.

Collection and processing of personal data

Processing of personal data includes all handling of personal data, such as collection, processing, recording, interlinking, distribution and storage.

Active and passive collection of personal data
The collection of personal data can be both active and passive. For example, active collection takes place when you login to Eniro services, or update personal information, provide reviews or make purchases within Eniro applications, or partner websites, as you leave information that we will collect. This is usually name, email address, telephone number and age. Where you do not personally actively provide the data to us but, rather, the collection takes place with the aid of other tools (such as through cookies), the collection is deemed passive. An example of personal data collected when you use the services/products and related sites, is your user behavior; i.e. what services you use, what sites you visit and how often.

Geographical location
If you accept location services on your PC/phone/tablet and other devices when using our services and products, we will continuously collect more detailed information on your geographical location. Please also refer to the terms and conditions for the individual applications. This information is used to provide site-adapted information and marketing. The information can also be used in the development of new products and services and to provide you with customized content, such as offers that are relevant to you. Should you no longer wish us to collect detailed information about your geographical location, the location services may be turned off any time. We will then only estimate your geographical location based on your IP address.

Interlinking and data from other sources
Eniro uses interlinking of databases when processing the data in order to verify the correctness of the data as well as enabling profiling for marketing, advertising and search purposes. The Eniro advertising network includes our partners, customers, advertisers and suppliers. In order to evaluate, the performance of their and our services, we may receive information on the outcome of the services rendered, for instance, what happens after you click on a website. Suppliers may provide us with profiling information relating to you, or estimated information about your demographic profile.

The purpose

Complying with our undertakings with you
The purpose of Eniro collecting personal data is, among other things, communicating with, and complying with our undertakings to, our customers and users in accordance with agreements entered into and for the purpose of improving the quality of our products and services. The personal data is also collected for the purpose of providing and administering your access to the services, respond to customer services issues and perform error correction. We keep your personal data for as long needed to fulfill the processing purposes described in this Privacy Policy. When your personal data is no longer relevant for the purposes for which it has been collected, we will delete or anonymize it, including any logs or other backup information.

Customised and relevant advertising
Eniro may collect information about how, as a user, you use our products and services, for the purpose of analysing search behavior, for statistical purposes, and for the purpose of displaying customised content and advertisements to you, or to enable our co-operating partners to display customised content and advertisements to you. Eniro also uses interlinking of databases when processing the data in order to enable profiling of the advertisement.

Furthermore, we analyze market trends and future demand in order to develop our services and products.

Direct marketing
We use personal data for direct marketing in compliance with law and praxis. We can also provide such personal data to a third party who wishes to offer you direct marketing.

In some cases, personal data is processed for the purpose of providing services other than Eniro’s own services. In such cases, Eniro may process the personal data for, and in accordance with instructions from, a third party, such as our advertising partners.

Statistical purposes
Data is also collected to improve our products and services, make it more user friendly, monitor that it is working correctly and provide information about crashes. Such information is collected, for example, with Inspectlet web analytics service, Google analyticsAdobe SiteCatalystFlurryHockeyAppFacebook and with the aid of cookies which do not contain personal data. You can find more information about cookies and how you can block cookies further down in the Privacy Policy. We use IP addresses, for example, to enable us to diagnose problems on our servers and our networks and to administer our websites. We also use IP addresses for statistical purposes.

Your Technical device
Eniro also collects technical information about your device and your connection to the internet, for instance, information generated by service logs and other tools, include the operating system, browser version, IP addresses, cookies and unique identifiers. In order to verify information and to enhance and optimize personalized offers to our customers and users,

Prevention of misuse
In order to prevent, contain and investigate various forms of misuse of the internet, we also use personal data of the users’ activities and technical data.

Unless you are informed by Eniro that the data will be processed differently, Eniro only processes personal data for the purposes for which it is collected and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and relevant legislation. Occasionally, you may receive supplemental information about other processing of personal data when you wish to use specific products and services provided by Eniro.

Consent to the processing of your personal data

Where it is a legal requirement that your consent be obtained for the processing of certain types of personal data or for certain types of processing, such specific consent will be obtained from you before processing the personal data. We never, for example, collect or process personal data which may be considered sensitive, such as information concerning your health, information concerning your personal identification number. Our services are not intended for use by individuals under the age of 13 and Eniro does not intentionally collect personal data concerning, anyone under that age. If you become aware that your child has provided us with personal information without your consent, please contact us at

By making your Facebook-connections’ updates and comments ("Facebook information") available at the Eniro maps, you consent to Eniro (including affiliates) processing and sharing such Facebook information for this purpose and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Providing personal data to another party
Personal data may be transferred between companies in the Eniro Group. Eniro may also transfer personal data to subcontractors if we deem it necessary to comply with our undertakings to you as a customer or a user. Our subcontractors are always required to enter into a personal data assistance agreement with Eniro to enable us to ensure a high level of protection for your personal data.

Eniro may provide data concerning your search behaviour in our services and products to our co-operating partners. Such data may also be provided to our co-operating partners for the purpose of demonstrating the interest in a particular advertisement or campaign. We do not collect information or display advertisements based on information which can identify you personally without your consent.

Eniro can provide personal data to a third party, such as the police or another public authority, in the case of a criminal investigation or where Eniro is otherwise under a duty to provide such data pursuant to statute or the decision of a public authority.

Eniro does not generally transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA but where, for example, we have a subcontractor in a country outside the EU/EEA, personal data may be transferred. In order to ensure a high level of protection for your personal data, Eniro will enter into agreements with such subcontractors (except where the relevant country’s privacy protection legislation has been approved by the EU) which govern the transfer of personal data and the processing of personal data by the subcontractors. The agreements contain the standard terms and conditions issued by the EU Commission which comply with the requirements imposed under Swedish law to protect the personal data transferred.

Cookies and the possibility to remove cookies
Eniro uses various tools to see, for example, how our users are using our products and services.

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your web browser when you visit our websites. The text files contain information which enables us, for example, to customise our services to better suit you. One example is where, through cookies, we obtain information about your interests and can then customise the marketing which is displayed when you visit our websites. We also use cookies to measure whether an advertisement had been effective and for other statistical purposes. Eniro may also use what are referred to as web beacons - electronic images which, among other things, allow a web page to calculate the number of visitors to the site. Web beacons are also referred to as single-pixel GIF.

Eniro also permits certain co-operating partners to store cookies or web beacons on your browser when you visit our web pages. Eniro also uses cookies and web beacons to carry out surveys on behalf of certain partners on their web pages. The purpose of the surveys is to measure the efficiency of a particular advertisement and our partners can then obtain information about this.

Eniro may use different analysis tools for the purpose of evaluating and analysing visit statistics. These analysis tools use cookies which mean that, by not permitting the use of cookies, you also block these analysis tools.

You can deny the website the possibility to store your cookies or web beacons – You set this rule in your web browser.

If you elect to block cookies or web beacons, the quality and availability of parts of our websites may deteriorate.

Customised advertising
Our products and services contain customised advertisements. Such advertisements are provided by Eniro, our customers and/or our co-operating partners. We may use user data to select and customise the marketing which is displayed only to you when you visit our products and services.

Location-Based Services
In order to provide you with location-based products and services Eniro may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your computer or device. We use different technologies to determine the location, such as GPS, Bluetooth, and your IP Address, along with Wi-Fi hotspot and cell tower locations.

This helps us provide you with for example searches based on your location, real-time traffic information, route descriptions as well as the possibility to give you information and offers from our Customers.

Direct marketing
Eniro may use your personal data for direct marketing and may also grant a third party access to your personal data for this purpose.

However, (except in certain exceptional cases when legally permissible) Eniro does not send direct marketing by e-mail, SMS, MMS or fax, nor does it provide your personal data to any third party entitled to receive such electronic direct marketing without your consent and without you having received information about the type of companies to which your data will be provided.

Caller-id (only for users of Android apps)
In order to provide you with information about who is calling or sending you a text message or who you are calling, the app makes a search in your address book, when there is an incoming call or text message or outgoing call. The phone number is uploaded via the Internet to our service, where another search is made and the service thereafter provides you with additional contact information. We do not share this data with anyone. The information is only shared with you on your device to enhance your experience.

Websites which are owned and controlled by Eniro have a high level of security which aims to protect such personal data which is under Eniro’s control. We take appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect information against unauthorised access, modification, dissemination, and destruction.

Eniro’s products and services may contain links or references to websites or content which are provided by third parties. Eniro is not responsible for the processing of personal data which takes place, or the content which is provided by such third party, on a third party’s website.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be periodically amended, so we recommend that you visit this link regularly in order to read the most up to date version of the Privacy Policy. The date of the most recent version is displayed at the top of this Privacy Policy.

Certificate of no legal impediment to publication –
The Swedish website has obtained a certificate of no legal impediment to publication by the Swedish Radio and Television Authority, which means that the website is protected under the Freedom of Expression Act (SFS 1991:1469). As a result of this protection, the Personal Data Act does not apply to the publication of personal data on the website, where such applicability would be in violation of freedom of expression. For further information about the publisher’s liability, please see Publisher’s Liability at (in Swedish)

Eniro’s controller of personal data, contact details and your right to rectification and printouts from the register
Eniro Initiatives AB (reg. no. 556763-0966) is responsible for the processing of personal data which takes place within the Eniro Group. Eniro Initiatives AB ensures that other companies in the Group receive clear guidelines concerning the processing of personal data and defines the purposes for which the Group will use personal data.

If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or about Eniro’s processing of personal data, please contact Eniro Initiatives AB using the contact details below. You can also contact Eniro’s Customer Services if the customer details which are registered about you are incorrect. You are then entitled to have the information rectified.

If you wish to receive information about Eniro’s processing of your personal data, you are also entitled, once per calendar year, to contact Eniro Initiatives AB and to receive one extract from the register, free of charge, which indicates, among other things, which data is being processed about you. The request for an extract from the register must be made in writing to Eniro Initiatives AB to the postal address below, and must be personally signed by the applicant and contain your name and personal identification number. The extracts are sent to the applicant’s population register address within one month of the date on which the application was received by Eniro.

Eniro Initiatives AB 
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