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ABC All About Children is a bilingual English/Swedish-speaking preschool dedicated to providing quality child care. We believe that children learn best while actively engaged with the materials, as well as the relationships surrounding them. We work according to the Swedish Curriculum, Lpfö revised, as well as the HighScope approach. We offer children an educational environment and an opportunity outside the home to develop a creative and constructive attitude towards themselves, others and the world. ABC recognises that the best education takes place in a warm and accepting, yet challenging, environment. All of ABC’s policies are directed towards recognising each child's uniqueness and developing their full potential. Through a developmentally appropriate programme, anchored in research and proven practice, we focus on intrinsic motivation, executive function, conflict resolution and positive social emotional growth. Literacy, science, maths, science, technology, physical development, creative arts and social studies are just a few of the core competencies covered on a daily basis. By respecting each child’s unique individuality, using multi-cultural and anti-bias resources, the children will learn about themselves, their community and the world. Our aim is to support each individual child to grow into confident and inquisitive adults instilled with a life-long love for learning.

International education for children. Applicants visit our website

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Juridiskt namnAbc All About Children Aktiebolag
Datum för upprättande25.07.2003
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Judith Alison VanstoneLedamot
Robert Gerald VanstoneSuppleant
Eva Heléne AbeniusRevisor